Cycling trips on Funen

Cycling holiday on Funen, Denmark at its best

Are you into the smell of yellow rape and wheat fields, the view of green rolling hills, blue skies and the fresh breath of sea water? Are you into little experiences in little-known areas and local flavors? Are you into sustainable travel and food complemented by the most uniquely located hotels?

Then you should go on a cycling holiday on Funen with Bike Tours Fyn. We offer the best way to experience Funen, Denmark's garden... namely from the bicycle saddle. 

We look forward to giving you a fantastic cycling holiday on Funen.

come on a cycling holiday in Fyn with bike tours Fyn

Experience Funen and the islands in your gear

The Castle Route

Taste of Funen

8 days - 7 nights

The South Funen Island Sea

6 days - 5 nights

The South Funen Island Sea - extended weekend

4 days - 3 nights

Taste of Funen

12 days - 11 nights

That's what our cycling travelers say about us

“A completely super planned cycling holiday. We would recommend this holiday at any time.
Nice to be in harmony with nature for a whole week. And then get goodie bags every day, it was always exciting :)”

I expected to experience some beautiful scenery. Stages of suitable length. Good hotels. Delicious food. The holiday fully lived up to my expectations. I have been on several holidays with the same concept (luggage transport and hotel booking) both in Denmark and in Central Europe, but this trip has probably been the best.

Who we are

Line and Mick Hartwig, Fynboer
with a penchant for experiences

Based on our personal experiences with Funen, we have created the perfect setting for your cycling trip. Every day is an experience from the morning bath in the sea and the delicious breakfast to today's cycling stage with the small special experiences ending with the joy of meeting another lovely hotel almost at the water's edge.

Don't worry: we know what we're talking about. We have tried it all and promise you an experiential cycling holiday.
See our Facebook page where we diligently share experiences from the cycling holiday.

Good reasons to experience Funen with
Bike Tours Funen

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