Booking of cycling trips

Here you can send us a booking on one of our cycling tours. Complete the points below. The cycle trip is only booked when we have sent a confirmation email back and the deposit has been paid. The deposit is 10% of the travel price. We also refer to our trading conditions.


Frequently asked questions

We are a group where one or more would like to live in single rooms. Is it possible?

It depends on the coating on ours hotels , but it is very likely. Call or write to us and we will find out.

Is it sold out on the departure date where we would like to go? Can our journey start the next day?

It is possible to arrange departure the day before and the day after if there are at least eight of you traveling. This naturally assumes that our hotels have space. Contact us atr. email or phone regarding debt.

How do we get our bikes delivered?

On the Smag på Fyn trip, your bikes are ready at your hotel from 12.00 on the day you arrive, so that you can have a tour around Odense on your first day. Contact reception and they will indicate the location of the bikes.

What do we do if someone in our group can't ride the longer stages?

It is possible to drive parts (or the whole) of the stage with luggage transport. In that case, you drive along from the hotel when the luggage is picked up.

Can you rent other types of bikes?

The bikes shown are the most common, but if you have a special bike wish, we will try to fulfill it.

Are there fenders and a luggage rack for the MTB bike?

Yes, it will be installed.

We would like to bring our small dog with us on the trip. Is it possible?

Unfortunately no. Several of our hotels do not accept four-legged guests.

We are considering coming by train. Can you recommend it?

Yes, to that extent. Hotel Odeon is only a few hundred meters from the railway station.

Where can we park our car?

In connection with our hotels in Odense, there is a very large parking garage (for a fee), from which there is direct access to the hotels.

A free alternative is to park a little outside the city. Contact us for more information about it.

What does 24 hour security service mean?

If you have rented bicycles from us and problems arise with them that I cannot solve on the spot myself, we will make sure that you get a replacement bicycle or help you further in some other way. If you need other help along the way, we are available.