The South Funen Archipelago - 6 days. Travel when you want.

Come with Bike Tours Fyn on an active cycling holiday in South Fyn. Experience all the best the South Funen archipelago has to offer. Bike Tours Funen has arranged everything for you, so you can experience South Funen and the island sea slowly. Based in Svendborg and Fåborg, you get everything that is the epitome of South Funen and the island sea. Look forward to the sea, the islands, nature, flavors and cities. 

The South Funen Archipelago tour is fantastic views and nature experiences with the sea in the center seasoned with charming towns, buildings and entirely local experiences and taste specialties.

As something new, you can order yourself without luggage transport and arrive any day you want. Just remember to write or call us to check if there is availability on the day in question.

Day 1 Arrival in Svendborg

You arrive at the hotel, which is perfectly located for visiting Svendborg city or walking or cycling along Svendborg Sound. You can also take M/S Helge on a tour of Svendborg Sund and take the bike on the ship to disembark at Valdemar's castle in Tåsinge. Tåsinge is a beautiful island that, in addition to Valdemar's castle, contains the love story of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre and the cozy skipper's town, Troense.

Overnight in Svendborg

Day 2 Full day in Svendborg

Explore Svendborg or visit an island in the South Funen Archipelago. From Svendborg you can take the ferry to Drejø, Skarø or Hjortø. Or take the bike towards Southeast Fyn, where there are several wineries and taste good Danish wine and spirits.

Overnight in Svendborg.

Day 3 Svendborg - Fåborg 37 km.

The trip out of Svendborg follows the elongated town along Svendborg Sound. The trip towards Fåborg is uncultivated South Fyn with a view of the island sea, small surprising sights, charming villages and nature with a large estate and park in the middle of it all.

Overnight in Fåborg.

Day 4 Full day in Faaborg

The day invites you to a trip to Svanninge bakkar or a visit to Horne land, where there are partly a few wineries and partly the small harbor and forest, Dyreborg, where HC Andersen picked flowers for his unrequited love Riborg Voigt. But you can also go out into the South Funen archipelago and visit one of the islands of Lyø, Avernakø or Bjørnø. The ferry sails directly from Fåborg harbour.

Overnight in Fåborg.

Day 5 Fåborg – Søby – Marstal – Ærøskøbing – Svendborg 48 km.

A day in the South Funen island sea awaits you. You sail from Fåborg and have a view of several islands. Als and all the way to Jutland, before you land in Søby on the northern part of Ærø. You cycle to Marstal, perhaps with a visit to Voderup Klint or Ærø Bryggeri in Riise. After visiting the famous maritime town of Marstal, you follow the coast to Ærøskøbing, which has the most beautiful center with cobbled streets and well-preserved historic houses. At the end of the day, you sail back to Svendborg.

Overnight in Svendborg.

Day 6 Departure day Svendborg

Funen's most famous attraction, Egeskov Castle, is just 22 kilometers away. It is obvious to visit this on the way home. But remember to leave plenty of time.


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The South Funen Archipelago. Travel when you want.

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