Rent a bike that suits you

Whether you are an active cyclist or use the bicycle as a means of transport to get from A to B, you can rent a bicycle that meets your needs at Bike Tours Fyn. We are ready with bicycles for all needs.

The bikes below are examples of our rental bikes. There will be variations, but of same quality.

Prices for renting bicycles for a shorter or longer period can be seen under the prices tab .

Rent a bike and explore one by our many cycling trips.

Scott's Comfortable Touring Bike

Touring bike rental

8 days: DKK 800

Scott's comfortable touring bike with 27 gears
Available in S, M, L, XL

Batavus Comfortable Electric Bike

Electric bike rental

8 days: DKK 1800

Batavus or similar comfortable electric bike with 7 gears in classic design and rented with 2 batteries
Available in S, M, L, XL

Mountain bike rental

DKK 300 for 2½ hours

Principia MTB with 10 gears.
Available in S, M, L, XL 

Gravel bike rental

Only in connection with the purchase of a cycling trip. DKK 2.000 for 8 days DKK 3.000 for 12 days

Principia Gravel Bike30
Limited size
20 gears


Lease of successor

DKK 60 per day


Rental of two Ortlieb bike bags

8 days: DKK 200

One size

Junior bike rental

DKK 80 per day

All sizes

Equipment included

Renting a bicycle when purchasing one of our bicycle tours includes a bicycle helmet, bicycle gear, bicycle bag and lights.