Review of Bike Tours Funen

This is what Politiken says about us:

We have asked our guests to answer an evaluation form, where most have answered anonymously.
The question was: "To what extent did the cycling holiday live up to expectations?". Here is a selection of the responses we have received back.

“Yes, it did. Great driving route supported by an incredibly fine description of the route. Just seeing all 4 types of grain was an experience. I don't know when I last saw oats. Nice to drive along the water, or close to it. Great views. The ladies' stone was definitely worth seeing. All in all, a really wonderful holiday.”

"Really good hotels, good routes in lovely surroundings."

"Good cycling routes, peace, good hotels, nature experiences and good bikes."

"To the highest degree - everything was fine - the route, the hotels, the food at the hotels - and the weather😊. "

"Yes, at least it did. We stayed so well and dinner was ordered. The cycle paths were also well marked.”

"It lived up to our expectations. Good service. Great that we could change bikes along the way, otherwise the trip would not have been a good experience for my wife. It was also nice that we could transport purchased ceramics together with the luggage, even if it had to be picked up from another place. The service is high and it is appreciated.”

 "Yes, the trip lived up to our expectations, we got to see sides of Funen we have never seen before."

"It has been a wonderful cycling trip where everything worked perfectly. I used Naviki to guide me around the routes, but had great use of the many tips in the tour guide.”

"Yes, and it was even more pleasant than I had expected because the trip was so well organized and planned, which meant that we "just" had to make sure to have fun and cycle."

"The holiday fully met my expectations, and you had even made sure that there was dry weather all days."

"I have been on several holidays with the same concept (luggage transport and hotel booking) both in Denmark and in Central Europe, but this trip has probably been the best. It's a super good idea with the little goodie bag that we got at all the hotels. It has been a super good event.”
Frits Christensen, Viborg

"A completely super planned cycling holiday. We would recommend this holiday at any time. Nice to be in harmony with nature for a whole week. And then get goodie bags every day, it was always exciting😊. "
Tove Thomsen, Silkeborg

"Fantastic good weather, good hotels and food and no major problems on the trip, so we have met all expectations. It has given us the courage to try similar bicycle tours with luggage transport in the future.”