Taste of Funen - 12 days

Do you want to explore the islands and the areas around Svendborg, Faaborg, Assens (Gl. Avernæs) and Middelfart and experience extra slowly? Then this is the trip for you. Here, there are extra overnight stays in the cities where we naturally have several interesting tour suggestions in each place.

The Taste of Funen tour is a pleasure tour, where along the way we guide you to a wide range of taste experiences, so that I really get the opportunity to taste Funen. After today's bike ride, you can also look forward to a small goodie bag containing a taste sample from Funen at today's hotel.

The taste of the Funen tour is not just the taste of it Fyn, but a trip for all the senses.

Day 1 Arrival Odense

Arrival in Odense and the hotel, located in the middle of the historic HC Andersen quarter with cobbled streets.

If I have already ordered bicycles, they are at the hotel, so I can choose to cycle around the very bicycle-friendly city. In the welcome package, which I receive at the hotel, we give suggestions for trips around the city.

Overnight in Odense

Day 2 Odense - Nyborg 36 km.

I drive east out of Odense and across Funen and hit Nyborg, the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark, where history and proximity to the sea play such a big role. Along the way you will meet, among other things, The Romantic Garden, the unique Flødebolle tree and one of Funen's most characteristic and unique microbreweries. A hotel with a view awaits you.

Overnight in Nyborg

Day 3 Nyborg - Svendborg 56 km.

With the sun over the Great Belt, you say goodbye to Nyborg and cycle through the fruit and berry country, East Fyn. You will meet several castles and manors, charming Lundeborg and there is the possibility of a number of vineyard visits. North of Svendborg, you again follow the sea towards your hotel, which is nestled on the water's edge.

Accommodation Svendborg

Day 4 Full day in Svendborg

The hotel is perfectly situated for visiting Svendborg city or walking or cycling along Svendborg Sound. I can also take M/S Helge on a tour of Svendborg Sund and take the bike on the ship to disembark at Valdemar's castle in Tåsinge. Tåsinge is a beautiful island that, in addition to Valdemar's castle, contains the love story of Elvira Madigan and Sixten Sparre and the cozy skipper's town, Troense. Visiting an island in the South Funen Archipelago is also a wonderful, slow-moving experience. From Svendborg you can take the ferry to Drejø, Skarø or Hjortø.
Overnight in Svendborg

Day 5 Svendborg - Ærø - Fåborg 21 km.

You leave Svendborg by water with the Ærø ferry to cycle across Ærø, the largest island in the South Funen archipelago. In Denmark's most romantic and most beautiful small town, Ærøskøbing, you will probably have lunch in one of the cobbled streets. From here you cycle north to Søby through villages and rolling countryside, where the sea is never far away. Today's hotel is beautifully located in Fåborg.

Day 6 Full day in Faaborg

Start the day by putting on your bathrobe and taking the short walk to the sea for a nice fresh start to the day. The day invites you to an excursion to the Svanninge hills or a visit to Horne land, where there are partly a few wineries and partly the small harbor and forest at Dyreborg, where HC Andersen picked flowers for his unrequited love Riborg Voigt. But you can also go out into the South Funen archipelago and visit one of the islands of Lyø, Avernakø or Bjørnø. The ferry sails directly from Fåborg harbour.
Overnight in Fåborg

Day 7 Faaborg - Helnæs, Assens 32 km.

It is a relatively short day trip through the hilly South Funen countryside towards the next destination. Along the way, there are e.g. opportunity to visit a well-kept but beautifully situated vineyard and try a fun game everyone can play.

Overnight at Helnæs, Assens

Day 8 Full day Helnæs, Assens

You are surrounded by sea and park with lots of activities and with exquisite gastronomy in the hotel restaurant. You can choose to enjoy the hotel's location and many activities, or you can explore the nearby exciting peninsula with galleries and beautiful nature. The town of Assen with its exciting museum exhibitions also beckons.

Accommodation Helnæs, Assens

Day 9 Helnæs, Assens – Middelfart 61 km.

After breakfast with a view, you must say goodbye to your little paradise. But don't worry about the itinerary today, and the destination makes up for it. The trip goes through another market town, Assens, where a lunch on the pedestrian street is obvious, before crossing western Funen. Your destination in Middelfart is a hotel unusually well located by the Little Belt.

Overnight in Middelfart

Day 10 Full day in Middelfart

Middelfart offers several opportunities for experiences. You can go to the ceramics museum CLAY, guided tour/Bridgewalking at the top of the old Lillebæltsbro or whale watching in the Lillebælt, which is famous for its many porpoises playing in the strong current.

Day 11 Middelfart – Odense 60 km.

The trip to Odense goes through the coastal North Funen summer country and follows forest and disused railway tracks. There is the possibility of several interesting stops - how about, for example, a tour of Europe's largest bison farm?

Day 12 Departure day

It's departure day, and if you haven't made it to the walking tour in Odense city or the visit to Egeskov castle, then maybe now is the opportunity.


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